Working For Money

Hi there, I’m Michael and I’m a quantitative trader.  I wasn’t always a quantitative trader but as it turns out this is a natural fit for me.

I studied Mathematics and Physics in my undergrad and then completed a couple of masters degrees in Geophysics with an emphasis on signal processing  and computer modelling.  After school I started working for a software company in the oil and gas industry doing technical work for a couple of years.  From that I moved on to the business management side of things which I did for another five years.

This spurred in me the interest to start my own business which I had the opportunity to do in 2005 after having gotten laid off.   I built an award winning business which I sold a few years later to focus on traveling and then starting a family.

Making My Money Work For Me

After 2011 I dedicated the next ten years of my life to developing quantitative strategies.  The journey was not easy but I persisted and now I am pleased to say that I have a set of robust and diversified strategies that generate returns of 20% or more per year.  This is how I have my money work for me.

For a long time I applied these systems only to my own investments as financial regulations prohibit me from managing other people’s money.  Although I have taken and passed the CIFC and LLQP exams, I am neither a financial advisor nor am I licensed to sell financial advice or products.  Thus, in order to make my strategies available to third parties I have licensed some of them  to Striker Securities.  Striker allows people to make investments on their own terms by following the systems of developers like myself.

If you want to trade my strategies as part of your portfolio, you can do so by opening an account with Striker Securities.  For more information please visit

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