The following is a summary list of  strategies I trade as part of my portfolio.  You can invest in these strategies in two easy steps:

  1. Open a futures account with Striker Securities or with The Fox Group or with GFF Brokers.  For Striker you can apply by calling 1-800-669-8838 or 1-312-987-0043.  USA and European residents can also apply through the online form.   For The Fox Group you can call 1-312-756-0945 or apply online here.  For GFF Brokers you can call 1.866.249.4579 or apply online here.
  2. Once the account is opened, tell the broker which of the Quantopolis systems you want to subscribe to.

That’s it!  All the systems are fully automated and the broker will invest your monies according to the strategies you selected.  You can unsubscribe from a strategy or change strategies at any time.  Before considering any of the strategies for your investment please make sure you read the Notes below.

Strategy Summary

To find out more about each strategy and see the month to month backtesting results,  click on the Strategy Name.  To see the historical performance numbers for each strategy since its launch, click on the ROC % number for each strategy.  As listed below, strategies trading micro contracts require 1/10 of the capital that is required to trade the regular contract.

Strategy Name Launch Date Minimum Capital Requirement Return On Capital ROC %
TF Pullback 2017 $21,905 $4,591 20.96%
ES Pullback 2017 $19,890 $14,309 71.94%
NQ Pullback I 2017 $27,400 $21,551 78.65%
NQ Pullback II 2017 $45,180 $43,333 95.91%
VX Short 2017 $25,000 $36,675 146.70%
ZN Long 2017 $11,500 $14,497 126.06%
ES Momentum 2020 $68,500 $119,130 173.92%
RTY Momentum 2020 $35,850 $69,260 193.19%
NQ Momentum 2020 $95,000 $157,880 166.19%
TF Pullback Micro 2020 $2,191 $459 20.96%
ES Pullback Micro 2020 $1,980 $1,431 71.94%
NQ Pullback I Micro 2020 $2,740 $2,155 78.65%
NQ Pullback II Micro 2020 $4,518 $4,333 95.91%
VX Short Mini 2020 $2,500 $3,668 146.70%
ES Micro Momentum 2020 $6,850 $11,913 173.92%
RTY Micro Momentum 2020 $3,585 $6,926 193.19%
NQ Micro Momentum 2020 $9,500 $15,788 166.19%
Micro E-Mini Portfolio 2020 $8,698 $6,223 71.55%
VX Short Mini Portfolio 2020 $10,000 $14,752 146.70%
Momentum Micro Portfolio I 2020 $10,435 $18,839 180.54%
Momentum Micro Portfolio II 2020 $19,935 $34,627 173.70%
Portfolio I 2017 $44,890 $50,894 113.58%
Portfolio II 2017 $150,875 $134,957 89.45%
E-Mini Portfolio 2020 $86,975 $62,234 71.55%
Momentum Portfolio I 2020 $104,350 $188,390 180.54%
Momentum Portfolio II 2020 $199,350 $346,270 173.70%


  1. Striker, The Fox Group and GFF Brokers are licensed futures brokers and an independent third party that tracks the live trades of many different trading systems from different developers.  These brokers only have records of live trades.  A system must be traded for a certain period of time before trade results are posted.  Thus recently added systems might not yet show any live trades.  To learn more about our criteria for choosing a good system please click here.
  2. The expected annual returns given for the strategies listed above assume a continuous investment of one contract per strategy.  There is no compounding of investment returns.  Compounding of returns could potentially improve the performance even further.  To learn more about investing with futures contracts and compounding of investment returns click here.
  3. The expected annual returns are the computed average annual returns over the backtesting period.  This does not mean that the strategies are going to return this amount every year.  Some years they might do better and some years they might do worse.  For some strategies, in some years they might do nothing at all.  This does not mean that they are not working.  They are still doing their thing.
  4. The maximum drawdown shows the worst drawdown experienced during the backtesting period.  This does not mean that an investment in this strategy will not or could not experience a worse drawdown than during the backtesting.  No backtesting can cover all possible scenarios and new situations come up all the time.
  5. The capital requirement for each strategy is approximately the sum of the maximum historical drawdown and the minimum overnight margin for each contract.  Should the strategy encounter a bigger drawdown then more capital would be required to keep on trading.
  6. Capital requirements change from year to year.  This is especially true for the indices which tend to go up over time.  Thus capital requirements (as well as the dollar returns and drawdowns) also tend to go up over time.  Please check with the broker for the current capital requirements for each strategy.
  7. You are free to cancel your subscription anytime.  That said I do not recommend that you invest in any of my strategies unless you are planning on following the strategy for a minimum of a two to a three year period.  This is the minimum time requirement for any of my strategies to show a result that is similar to the expected average returns.  Any shorter time period is likely to have returns that are either much better or much worse than the expected average return.
  8. Although we have done our best efforts in publishing all the material on this website we do not make any guarantees as to its completeness or accuracy.  You are solely responsible for your financial decisions.  In particular by visiting this site you acknowledge that you have read fully and understood our Legal Disclaimer.