Working For Money

Hi there, I’m Michael and I’m a quantitative trader.  I wasn’t always a quantitative trader but as it turns out this is a natural fit for me.

I studied Mathematics and Physics in my undergrad and then completed a couple of masters degrees in Geophysics with an emphasis on signal processing  and computer modelling.  After school I started working for a software company in the oil and gas industry doing technical work for a couple of years.  From that I moved on to the business management side of things which I did for another five years.

This spurred in me the interest to start my own business which I had the opportunity to do in 2005 after having gotten laid off.  My wife and I built an award winning business which we sold a few years later to focus on traveling and then starting a family.

Making My Money Work For Me

Since 2011 I have been making my living off my investments.  The journey has not been easy but I persisted and now I am pleased to say that I work only 4 hours per week.  Over time I have developed robust diversified systems that generate returns of 30% or more per year.  This is how I have my money work for me.

So far I’ve applied these systems only to my own investments as financial regulations prohibit me from managing other people’s money.  Although I have taken and passed the CIFC and LLQP exams, I am neither a financial advisor nor am I licensed to sell financial advice or products.   That said I recently discovered a website which is a licensed financial provider and broker.  Striker allows people to make investments on their own terms by following the systems of developers like myself.

I have thus posted some of my systems on and created this website to provide a little bit more information about them.

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